Hematologic Cancer Program, Chicago

Hematologic oncologists are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood cancers and other blood-related disorders.

The doctors at the Hematologic Malignancies and Stem Cell Transplant Program at City of Hope Chicago use a wide range of diagnostic tools and advanced treatment options for patients with hematologic malignancies. Our hematologic oncology team offers cancer care with a personalized approach, tailoring treatment plans to each patient's specific needs.

Joining forces against blood cancers

CTCA® is now part of City of Hope®, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center and pioneer in the treatment of blood cancers. Together, CTCA and City of Hope have created the largest bone marrow and stem cell transplant program in the United States, developing a comprehensive, patient-centered model of cancer care that’s delivering advanced treatments to even more patients, with the sense of urgency they deserve.

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Stem cell transplants

A stem cell transplant may be used to infuse healthy stem cells into the body to stimulate new bone marrow growth, suppress the disease and reduce the possibility of a relapse. Stem cells are drawn from the bone marrow, circulating blood (peripheral blood stem cells) and umbilical cord blood.

If stem cell transplantation is a necessary part of your treatment plan, the Hematologic Malignancies and Stem Cell Transplant Program at City of Hope Chicago offers a comprehensive array of therapies and transplantation services, including autologous (individual’s own cells), allogeneic (donor cells), and adoptive immunotherapies, which is a treatment approach that uses an individual’s own (autologous) or donor (allogeneic) white blood cells as a proposed treatment for various malignancies.

Patients who require stem cell transplantation will stay in one of our private, inpatient rooms and receive around-the-clock monitoring and care. Your care team will include a board-certified hematologic oncologist who is a bone marrow transplant physician, as well as a hematopathologist, nurse care manager, transplant pharmacist and transplant coordinator. The team is dedicated to making sure you and your family are comfortable throughout your stay.

Learn more about stem cell transplants at City of Hope Chicago.

National Marrow Donor Program 

Be The Match
City of Hope Chicago is a member of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)
and an approved NMDP Transplant and Collection Center.

To learn more about the NMDP or for more information about
becoming a donor or finding a match, visit the Be The Match website
or call 800-MARROW-2 (800-627-7692).

Meet our team

The City of Hope Chicago Hematologic Malignancies and Stem Cell Transplant Program experts are committed to offering integrative, personalized treatments for blood-related diseases. Explore the links below to learn more about the team.

A comprehensive, integrative team approach

Our Hematologic Malignancies and Stem Cell Transplant Program team has expertise in diagnosing and treating hematologic diseases using sophisticated technologies and therapies delivered through a personalized approach and customized to meet your needs. Our program includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment options.

When you first visit the hospital, you’ll meet with your program team, which includes a board-certified hematologic oncologist, to evaluate your condition and review your medical records. Your hematologic oncologist will then determine whether additional diagnostic tests, such as lab work, a bone marrow biopsy or imaging scans, are required before determining a treatment plan.

Once in treatment, you and your family are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of experts and specialists. Your care is directly managed by one or more of our board-certified hematologic oncologists who work together with the entire team. A nurse care manager will help you navigate through questions or concerns.

You will also have access to an array of integrative care services, such as nutritional, naturopathic, psychosocial and spiritual support, as well as other services focused on helping you manage side effects, recover from treatment and improve your quality of life.

As part of our whole-person model of care, your City of Hope blood cancer care team may recommend a range of supportive care services, such as:

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Hodgkin Lymphoma

"I am thankful for City of Hope. I felt genuine concern and empathy from the doctors and nurses. No one made me feel silly about the questions I had, and they were all thoughtfully answered. As I continue my care at City of Hope, I know my doctors and everyone there truly cares about me and my well-being. I am not just a number—they all know me and my family. That alone is extraordinary to me."


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