June 22, 2021

What every man needs to know about prostate cancer

Dr. Cavanaugh: It's important for men to understand the risks for developing prostate cancer and how to speak with their doctor about screening options.

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Cancer disparities

June 17, 2021

Creating a level playing field in the fight against cancer

Disparities in cancer risk, incidences and deaths among Americans span many racial, ethnic and socio-economic lines.

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Healthy fingernails

June 15, 2021

What do your fingernails say about your health?

Our fingernails may offer a glimpse into what’s going on inside our bodies, including offering signs that may point to cancer.

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Clinical trials

June 15, 2021

Are cancer clinical trials safe? Answers to common patient concerns

Thinking of participating in a cancer clinical trial? This article explains how they work, who they're for, and the risks and benefits for patients.

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June 10, 2021

Does deodorant cause cancer?

Over the years, claims have been made that deodorants or antiperspirants may cause cancer, specifically breast cancer

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Sun safety

June 8, 2021

Busting myths: 9 misconceptions about sunscreen and sun safety

Before you go outdoors, you’ll want to protect yourself and your family from the type of sun exposure that can put you at risk of developing skin cancer.

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Cancer fatigue

June 7, 2021

What causes cancer fatigue (and what to do about it)

Cancer fatigue is tough to deal with. Read about some of the most common causes and what to do about them.

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Ovarian cancer

June 3, 2021

What’s the difference? Ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers

Ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers are the most common cause of death in women with cancer of the reproductive system

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Car T-cell therapy

June 1, 2021

Three things you need to know about CAR T-cell therapy

CAR T-cell therapy may transform some cancers from acute diseases with poor outcomes to chronic illnesses that may be managed with more positive results.

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