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At City of Hope, Chicago, we are equipped to administer infusion-based therapies beyond those specific to cancer. Our infusion team, which includes physicians, experienced oncology certified nurses (OCNs) and other trained clinicians, is trained in managing complex infusions and addressing side effects that may occur.

City of Hope Chicago is REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) certified, which is a requirement of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for certain specialty medications that we are able to offer our patients.

In addition, City of Hope Chicago offers a wide range of accommodations to help patients enjoy a comfortable stay throughout their infusion treatment. Our approach to care focuses on our patients, and taking care to deliver services that not only improve their quality of life, but do so in a way that is safe, caring, compassionate and comfortable.

Infusion services and treatment options include:

Comfortable and comprehensive patient amenities

Designed with our patients’ needs in mind, the Infusion Center at City of Hope Chicago is a calming environment that inspires relaxation. Our staff and nurses assist patients with their care needs and help make their time with us as comfortable as possible. Some of what patients can expect include:

* For ease and convenience, the hospital culinary department will deliver food items from the City of Hope Chicago café to the patient’s specific location within the Infusion Center at no charge.

**Patients have access to supportive care service providers such as a naturopath, dietitian or spiritual counselor while in the Infusion Center. These supportive care services may or may not be covered under the patient’s specific insurance plan, and may result in out-of-pocket fees.

Safety and quality

Every patient receiving infusion is under the care of a nurse with expertise in administering infusion-based medications and identifying and managing infusion reactions. Whenever a patient is scheduled to receive therapy (including on weekdays or weekends), a medical doctor is on site.


Coordinate with referring physicians

We work with the patients’ referring physicians to facilitate seamless coordination. Our process includes collecting records, information and other needs before the patient arrives for treatment, so we are ready to provide care the moment he or she walks in the door.

Advance confirmation of insurance approval

Our teams of benefits experts work with the patient’s insurance provider to verify coverage prior to arrival, and monitor the patient’s status while under our care.

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