Our difference

Every cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. How cancer impacts your body, your health, your emotions, your relationships, your plans for the future—everything that comes with a diagnosis impacts your life in unique ways. At City of Hope, we believe you deserve a team and a care plan that take those factors into account, treating you as an individual with your own hopes, needs, diagnosis and goals. 

We take pride in this personalized approach. At City of Hope, we treat each patient like we'd want our own families to be treated. That means you'll receive:

  • A multidisciplinary care team: Each patient is assigned a team of experts dedicated to treating your cancer while also using evidence-informed supportive care services to help you manage side effects, maintain your energy and stay strong throughout treatment.
  • Expert treatment: Our cancer experts commit their time and talents to treating every stage of the disease with a collaborative approach, a wide range of technologies and tools and innovative treatment options. 
  • Advanced technology: We use the tools of precision medicine and other treatment advances to provide personalized care, delivered by experts trained in the complexities of this difficult disease. 
  • Our focused attention: Your expert team of doctors and other clinicians will take time to understand your unique diagnosis and needs, helping you make educated decisions about your care.
  • Personalized care: We'll work together to develop an integrative treatment plan tailored specifically to you, driven by our Patient Empowered Care® approach.

That’s the City of Hope difference: comprehensive, personalized care delivered by experts in cancer with access to today’s evolving technology, working collaboratively, all under one roof.

Key components of our clinical excellence

Precision cancer treatment

The era of precision cancer treatment is bringing cancer care to a cellular level. New and developing tools, such as advanced genomic testing, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, are designed to zero in on molecular characteristics that allow a tumor to grow or evade the immune system. The information we learn about specific mutations driving a particular cancer may help us match the specifics with drugs designed to counteract those behaviors. At City of Hope, our cancer experts are committed to delivering innovative diagnostic and treatment options whenever possible.

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Clinical trials

At City of Hope, we offer clinical trials as part of our commitment to help qualified cancer patients get access to new and innovative treatment options. The research team at City of Hope identifies and studies new and emerging treatment options that are supported by scientific and investigational research. Our goal is to find trials with the strongest likelihood of positively impacting our patients, especially those with advanced cancer or who may have run out of standard-of-care approaches.

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Cancer experts

It takes a team of expert doctors and clinicians to fight a complex disease like cancer. Treatment approaches and technologies are constantly evolving, providing patients with a growing array of treatment options. These options may vary, depending on your cancer type and individual needs. That’s why it is essential to turn to experienced doctors and clinicians trained in cancer care.

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Supportive care

Each patient’s personalized treatment plan combines evidence-based medical treatments with supportive care therapies designed to manage side effects and support quality of life. This supportive approach to cancer care helps treats the whole person, not just the disease.

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Accreditations for quality cancer care

The hospitals in our comprehensive cancer care network are accredited and certified by a number of renowned professional health care organizations for delivering high-quality care and exceeding patient safety standards.

Learn more about our accreditations at City of Hope Atlanta, City of Hope Chicago and City of Hope Phoenix