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A leader in quality cancer care

City of Hope® Duarte is more than just a cancer hospital. It’s a leader in cancer prevention, research and innovation. It’s a pioneer in world-class delivery of care, with a team of specialists delivering breakthroughs in personalized cancer treatments. And it’s a beacon of hope for cancer patients in search of the care they need and the compassion they deserve.

From its modest beginnings in a Duarte, California, desert more than a century ago, City of Hope has led the way in developing and delivering transformative and lifesaving treatments for cancer. Today, our Duarte hospital is the flagship of a national network of cancer hospitals and clinical network locations, offering quality cancer care and supportive care services designed just for you.

One call to our team handles the details: insurance verification and appointment scheduling, whether you’re seeking a second opinion or a first-time diagnosis. Our Duarte cancer care team is here to help coordinate your travel and lodging arrangements, to make your visit to the Los Angeles area as convenient, affordable and stress-free as possible.

City of Hope Duarte

1500 East Duarte Road
Duarte, CA 91010

8 a.m.-8 p.m. daily
24-hour access for primary visitors

Get to know the Duarte team

City of Hope Duarte is home to a team of hundreds of expert doctors, clinicians and scientists on the leading edge of cancer prevention, research and treatment. In fact, many of the innovations in cancer treatment used around the country were developed by physician-scientists on the Duarte campus, so when you receive care with us, you’ll have a team of experts at your side with a proven track record of delivering the best in cancer care, as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or are already undergoing treatment, you can turn to the oncology experts at City of Hope Duarte, who can recommend a treatment plan that’s personalized to your diagnosis and your needs—one designed to help you manage side effects and get back to your life.

Click the links below to learn more about our experts, or if you’re interested in joining a compassionate team making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, explore career opportunities at City of Hope, Duarte.


City of Hope Duarte offers onsite and local accommodations to qualifying patients and their families or caregivers.

The Judy & Bernard Briskin Hope Village offers hotel accommodations for outpatients undergoing treatment who, based on clinical criteria, need to stay close to the hospital and their care team. Located on our beautifully landscaped 100-acre Duarte campus, these accommodations have been designed specifically with cancer patients’ needs in mind.

Rooms at local hotels may also be available at local hotels at discounted rates.

City of Hope Duarte also offers patients, their families and caregivers information on local restaurants, services and the many attractions in the Los Angeles area. Information is available at the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center or the Clinical Social Work office in the Main Medical building.

Contact your care team for more information about accommodations and local services.

Leading-edge cancer research

City of Hope is home to more than 1,000 researchers focused on developing new and life-changing treatments for cancer. As a world leader in groundbreaking clinical trials, our scientists and doctors conduct more than 800 studies each year involving more than 5,000 patients diagnosed with a wide range of cancer types.

City of Hope research has led to the discovery of some of the most widely used therapies to treat cancers of the blood, breast, colon, rectum, kidney and many other areas of the body. These include targeted therapy drugs such as trastuzumab (Herceptin®), rituximab (Rituxan®) and bevacizumab (Avastin®).

And our three Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities on the Duarte campus turn breakthrough discoveries into lifesaving therapeutics, allowing us to bring tomorrow’s treatments, such as CAR T-cell therapy, to our patients more quickly.

City of Hope also has developed multiple research institutes dedicated to developing new and innovative cancer treatments, including:

Recognized among the nation’s best cancer hospitals

City of Hope Duarte has been accredited, recognized and distinguished as one of the nation’s best cancer hospitals.

A founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, City of Hope is now one of only 53 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. NCI designation recognizes excellence in treatment, research and expertise to address the many facets of cancer.

City of Hope National Medical Center is also ranked in the Top 5 “Best Hospitals” for cancer in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report, and has been ranked one of the nation’s highest performing cancer hospitals for 18 consecutive years.

We also are Magnet®-recognized for excellence in nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Attaining Magnet status is achieved after a rigorous review by ANCC to ensure our hospital demonstrates excellence in nursing practice and adherence to national standards and best practices.

Magnet Recognized 2025 USNews Best Hospital NCCN NCI

Our treatment results

One of the most important decisions you can make on your cancer journey is choosing which hospital, and which team of doctors, to trust with your care. In exploring your cancer treatment options, it may be helpful to know about issues like life expectancy and quality of life.

At City of Hope, we consistently get outstanding treatment results for all stages of breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers. And our innovative treatment approaches have resulted in survival rates that exceed the National Cancer Institute’s average survival rates for multiple myeloma.

To help you and your family make more informed decisions about your cancer treatment, we publish survival outcome results for five cancer types, as well as information on our leading-edge prevention, screening, diagnostic and treatment approaches.

Quality, personalized cancer care: That’s our difference

Every cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. How cancer impacts your body, your health, your emotions, your relationships, your plans for the future—everything that comes with a diagnosis impacts your life in unique ways. At City of Hope, we believe you deserve a team and a care plan that take those factors into account, treating you as an individual, with your own hopes, needs, diagnosis and goals.

That’s why our City of Hope Duarte doctors and clinicians work in lock step to not only target your cancer, but also collaborate with a world-class team of supportive care providers to help manage the symptoms of your disease and the side effects of treatment. This supportive care approach is designed to treat your cancer with state-of-the-art therapies while also helping you maintain your quality of life.

That’s the City of Hope difference: comprehensive, personalized care delivered by experts in cancer driving today’s evolving technology, working collaboratively, all under one roof.