Oncology rehabilitation

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This page was updated on April 29, 2022.

At City of Hope, patients work with a supportive care team to design an individualized treatment plan specific to their needs. City of Hope offers a variety of supportive therapies to help manage cancer-related side effects, so patients can focus on healing.

Oncology rehabilitation is part of the supportive care model at City of Hope, where personalized treatment plans are designed for each patient, to help support quality of life and reduce the risk of treatment delays. Your care team will help you decide which oncology rehabilitation therapies may benefit you.

Oncology rehabilitation may offer a number of benefits for cancer patients to help manage the symptoms or side effects of cancer. Oncology rehabilitation offers a wide variety of therapies that are designed with the goal of helping patients to build strength, reduce stress, boost endurance, regain independence and maintain the energy needed to continue treatment and participate in daily activities.

Our oncology rehabilitation team includes licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists. In addition, the department offers auriculotherapy and lymphedema prevention and treatment strategies. Some patients may find that oncology rehabilitation services help them stay strong, support the immune system, manage side effects and maintain well-being.

City of Hope uses conventional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to attack the cancer, while supportive care therapies may be recommended to help manage side effects and support quality of life. Our therapists and clinicians on the oncology rehabilitation team offer a personalized treatment approach to cancer care. Oncology rehabilitation therapists are available at all our hospitals to help keep you strong in body, mind and spirit.