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​Pain management

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Pain management is a branch of medicine focused on reducing pain and improving quality of life through an integrative approach to care. Pain management is particularly important for cancer patients, considering one in three patients continues to experience pain after treatment.

If you have pain, the severity and prevalence of your pain may depend on many factors, including the type and stage of your cancer, your treatment plan and your tolerance for pain. You may experience pain from the cancer itself, or as a side effect of cancer treatment. Those with advanced cancer are most likely to have severe pain. Cancer pain may result from:

  • A tumor putting pressure on tissues, bones, nerves or organs
  • Poor blood circulation because the cancer has blocked blood vessels
  • Blockage of an organ or tube in the body, such as the kidneys or bladder
  • Side effects of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or other cancer treatments
  • Metastasis, or cancer cells that have spread to other locations in the body
  • Pain that is completely independent from cancer or cancer treatment (e.g., headaches, backaches, muscle strains, arthritis or other common pains)

Pain management may improve quality of life at any stage of cancer, so managing your pain is our priority. Our pain management team uses a variety of modalities to treat and control pain, including:

  • Prescription medications
  • Implanted pain pumps
  • Nerve block therapies
  • Physical therapy
  • Relaxation techniques and guided imagery