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A message regarding COVID-19

As continuing oncology treatment is vital for cancer patients, we are collaborating with physicians to offer safe patient continuity of care and support for hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients during this crisis.

We welcome the opportunity to provide rapid operating room credentialing for surgeons to perform non-elective procedures. Additionally, we can temporarily transfer non-COVID-19 patients to CTCA to carry forth treatment plans, including continuation of previously started radiation and chemotherapy. We will collaborate with the referring physicians, and transition patients back into their care when appropriate.

Please fill out our online referral form or contact us at 855.709.5793 for more information.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is a comprehensive cancer care network that serves adult patients with cancer.

CTCA® offers surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, interventional oncology, genomic testing, precision cancer treatment and immunotherapy. At the same time, we support patients' overall well-being with therapies designed to enhance their quality of life while managing side effects during and after treatment.

We deliver care through the CTCA network, which includes locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Our multidisciplinary teams are organized by an assembly of skilled clinicians across the enterprise who spearhead the expansion and enhancement of specialized, disease-specific cancer care. These experts work together using evidenced-based clinical pathways to deliver quality care and stay abreast of clinical innovations.

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Our pledge to referring physicians

We will:

  • Provide an easy and efficient process for your patient referrals
  • Maintain a dedicated referral phone number
  • Treat your patient with the highest degree of respect and care
  • Ensure an efficient and timely insurance verification process
  • Promptly schedule your patient's appointment
  • Provide you with helpful access to the physician treating your patient
  • Swiftly respond to your requests for patient status updates
  • Collaborate with you to appropriately and deliberately transition patients back to your care

We understand how busy you are, and what it means to put your trust in others to see that your patient gets the quality cancer care he or she deserves. That’s why we have a referral process designed to make it easy and efficient to get your questions answered and refer your patient to any one of our five cancer hospitals or outpatient care centers. Simply fax us, contact us or submit a request for us to contact you.

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