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Cancer. It’s a word no woman wants to hear. But one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime. In Arizona, nearly 6,000 women are projected to be diagnosed with breast cancer and about 2,000 with a gynecologic cancer in 2021. Cancer, especially those unique to women, may pose physical and emotional challenges. The disease may develop in your breasts or your reproductive organs, creating challenges and concerns about fertility, sexual health and self-image.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, we understand the unique nature of cancers that are unique to women. That’s why we created the Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA® Phoenix. Our experienced doctors and clinicians are singularly focused on screening, diagnosing and treating breast cancer and gynecologic cancers with a sense of urgency. Our supportive care services are designed to help address symptoms and side effects, to help you have the strength and stamina to continue your treatment and the quality of life to help you continue everyday activities throughout your cancer journey.

Why wait? The Women’s Cancer Center can schedule your appointment in as little as 24 hours. Treatments may begin within 48 hours of your first visit, and some appointments may be available via telehealth using the CTCA Anywhere videoconferencing technology. Call us or chat online.

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Why wait?

The Women’s Cancer Center can schedule your appointment in as little as 24 hours.
Treatments may begin within 48 hours of your first visit.

Our services

At the Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA Phoenix, your multidisciplinary team of doctors and clinicians works together every day to deliver the care you need and the care you deserve. We offer cancer screenings, diagnostic evaluations, treatments plans, survivorship and supportive care services, all under one roof.

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Breast cancer screening

Some cancers in women may be caused by genetic mutations inherited from past generations. Some of these mutations are associated with inherited cancer syndromes that may increase your risk of developing specific cancers, including breast cancer.

The High-Risk Breast Cancer Screening Program at CTCA Phoenix offers genetic testing that may find inherited mutations, while our genetic counselors will help interpret test results and develop strategies designed to reduce your cancer risk.

Genetic Counseling

Diagnostic services

An early and accurate diagnosis is often the key to developing a treatment plan designed to produce positive outcomes. At the Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA Phoenix, we use sophisticated techniques and advanced diagnostic tools, such as 3D mammography, designed to give you and your oncologists the information needed to make informed decisions about your care.

Diagnostic tools used at the Women’s Cancer Center include a variety of imaging tests, including sentinel lymph node biopsy, mammography and lab tests that may help detect abnormal cells or tumor markers.

CTCA Team of Experts

Treatment options

Advances in cancer treatment have made multiple options available for women with breast cancer and gynecologic malignancies. The cancer experts at the Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA Phoenix  offer a wide variety of standard-of-care, minimally invasive and innovative treatment options, including:


Supportive care and survivorship

The cancer journey doesn’t always end when treatments are over—especially for patients diagnosed with cancers unique to women. Breast cancer and gynecologic cancers and their treatments often have symptoms and side effects that may affect your sexual wellness and fertility, while also causing pain or mobility issues, changes to your physical appearance and impacts on your emotional and mental state.

Your care team at the Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA Phoenix will collaborate with a team of supportive care clinicians to explore medical and supportive care options, including:

  • Reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction and gynecologic reconstruction
  • Pelvic floor therapy, to help support and control the bladder, bowel and sexual function.
  • Fertility management, such as fertility-sparing surgery, egg preservation or hormone therapy
  • Pain management, both medicinal and non-drug treatments
  • Lymphedema management, including surgery, if necessary, and physical therapy
  • Nutritional support, to help you maintain healthy weight and develop nutritional eating habits
  • Oncology rehabilitation, to help restore mobility and relieve pain
  • Behavioral health, offering mental health services to support you before, during and after treatment.

  • Survivorship support, to help manage long-term issues
  • Spiritual support, with counseling and services for patients of faith

The Women’s Cancer Center at CTCA Phoenix also offers DigniCap®, a therapy cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.


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Meet our team

Cynthia Lynch -Medical Director of Breast Center, Medical Oncologist

Cynthia Lynch

CTCA Breast Cancer Program Clinical Advisor

Marnee Spierer - Chief of Staff & Chief of Radiation Oncology

Marnee Spierer

Chief of Staff & Chief of Radiation Oncology, CTCA Phoenix

Raquel Prati -  Breast Surgeon

Raquel Prati

Chief of Surgical Services and Breast Surgeon, CTCA Phoenix

Vivek Iyer - Medical Director of Pain Management; Interventional Pain Management Specialist

Vivek Iyer

Medical Director of Pain Management, CTCA Phoenix


Dennis Scribner, Jr.

Chief of Gynecologic Oncology


Sagun Shrestha

Medical Oncologist, Hematologist

Saba Radhi - Medical Oncologist

Saba Radhi

Medical Oncologist

Ninette Randall

Ninette R.

Ovarian Cancer

"The day of my surgery, I was a nervous but confident about choosing CTCA. I arrived at CTCA and began to prep for my surgery. The various nurses and doctors came in to greet me and made sure I knew their role during surgery. CTCA was so accommodating and encouraging to us. We never felt rushed. They allowed my support system to make me feel comfortable before I had to go in for surgery. It was clear that I also had a dedicated team of doctors and clinicians who were there to support me. "


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