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August 12, 2021

Cancer and communication: Tips and advice for couples

Research shows that good communication between you and your partner may be vital to not only your mental health but also to your relationship.

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Animals and cancer

August 10, 2021

8 things we’ve learned about cancer from animals

Human beings aren’t the only creatures affected by cancer. Sometimes it’s a family pet or an animal in the wild.

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August 5, 2021

Behavioral health during cancer treatment: What is it? How does it help?

Many hospitals and treatment centers now offer behavioral health care, which helps patients take charge of their emotional health.

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Wireless devices

August 3, 2021

Do wireless devices cause cancer?

A surge in the number of wireless devices has some researchers concerned that the daily bombardment of electromagnetic signals may increase our cancer risk.

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July 29, 2021

How one patient is helping departments reduce firefighters’ cancer risk

Firefighter and cancer survivor Jason Shivers is helping to make changes to reduce firefighters' cancer risks.

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KRAS mutations

July 26, 2021

Drug approval underscores the challenges of KRAS mutations in cancer

For all the advancements in targeted therapy, some targets remain elusive—among them, genes in the troublesome RAS family.

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HRD and PARP inhibitors

July 22, 2021

Targeting the HRD biomarker may improve outcomes for ovarian cancer patients

Doctors have identified a genetic feature—or biomarker—called homologous recombination deficiency that’s leading to positive outcomes for patients with ovarian cancer.

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Esophageal cancer screening

July 20, 2021

Who should get an esophageal cancer screening? What patients need to know

Are you at high risk for esophageal cancer? If so, you may benefit from esophageal cancer screening. Find out what it is and who it's for here.

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Dormant cancer cells

July 19, 2021

Why do sleeping cancer cells awaken?

When cancer recurs in patients who were told after treatment they have no evidence of disease, it’s often because dormant, cancer cells have been awakened.

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