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When to hire a cancer caregiver

May 2, 2023

When to hire a cancer caregiver

Hiring a professional caregiver may help prevent you from feeling like a burden while enabling you to preserve your relationships with your loved ones.

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A breast cancer rash may be a symptom of a rare form of cancer, but breast rashes may occur among people who don’t have cancer. Learn about the differences.

May 1, 2023

What’s the difference? Inflammatory breast cancer rash vs. infection

A swollen, red rash on the breast may be uncomfortable and alarming, especially in women concerned about a cancer diagnosis. However, this type of condition is not necessarily a breast cancer skin rash.

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Is cancer contagious?

April 26, 2023

Is cancer contagious? Get the facts

While it’s common for cancer patients to experience confusion and anxiety after their diagnosis, it’s equally important for them to keep in mind some tried-and-true facts about the disease—namely, that cancer is not contagious.

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As you go through your treatment journey, the information you take in may be overwhelming—and potentially confusing.

April 25, 2023

What’s the difference? Cancer remission, cure and no evidence of disease

As you go through your treatment journey, the information you take in may be overwhelming—and potentially confusing.

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Do recurrent UTIs raise your cancer risk?

April 20, 2023

Can recurrent UTIs be a sign of cancer?

Research suggests that recurrent and persistent urinary tract infections may increase the risk of bladder cancer. And UTIs share some common symptoms as bladder cancer, including blood in the urine, the most common symptom of a UTI.

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Tips for getting better sleep.

April 18, 2023

Sleep and cancer: Tips to help manage insomnia, other sleep issues

While sleep disturbances may be common, being aware of the various causes and following a few key tips may help many cancer patients get the important and healing sleep they need.

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How to dress after breast cancer surgery

April 13, 2023

How to dress after breast cancer surgery

After breast cancer surgery, you may find that the clothes you wore before may no longer fit properly or may not accommodate surgical drains, sutures and the limited range of motion you may have.

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Your oral cancer questions answered.

April 11, 2023

Your oral cancer search questions answered

Beomjune Kim, DMD, MD, Head and Neck and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon at City of Hope Atlanta, answers some of your most-asked oral cancer questions on Google.

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Great strides have been made in the treatment of blood cancers.

April 6, 2023

Research breakthroughs leading to new treatments for blood cancers

Remarkable progress in blood cancer treatments has significantly increased survivability rates for these hard-to-treat cancers.

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