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December 15, 2015

Meaningful holiday gifts for the cancer patients on your list

A great way to approach buying gifts for someone with cancer is to look at the typical presents people give, and try to find alternative opportunities. For example, many people get candy or sweets as gifts, but for a loved one in treatment, it might be better to buy them lunch or dinner gift cards, or even send them a home-cooked meal.

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November 17, 2015

Smart travel preparations can help patients stay healthy during holidays

To stay healthy this holiday season, patients and their travel companions can take a number of precautions before ever boarding a flight. First, start
by consulting your oncology team to confirm you are healthy enough to fly.

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Annual physical

November 5, 2015

Annual physicals really can be good for your health

“I think annual doctor visits serve a big role,” Dr. Maurie Markman says. “Call it a placebo effect. Patients may discuss having fatigue, headaches and other health issues. They may actually talk about stress, depression and other health-related matters. Getting a recommendation from a doctor about going to see a therapist or advice on how to get more sleep may help these patients.”

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November 3, 2015

Cooking, caring, coping: Caregivers face a host of challenges

Being a caregiver for someone with cancer can be challenging, frustrating and rewarding at the same time. It’s a job that often comes with little preparation or training, and sometimes, with little recognition.

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October 15, 2015

Is it still safe to bring home the bacon? What to know about the WHO report

A WHO panel concluded that eating processed meats, including bacon and hot dogs, increases the risk of getting cancer, adding that fresh cuts of red meat probably cause cancer, too. Our experts talk about what it means.

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Faith and fears

October 13, 2015

When facing cancer, feed your faith, not your fears

Some cancer patients have found that a spiritual treatment plan helps prepare them for the road ahead—mind, body and spirit.

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October 6, 2015

What's in a name? Genetics vs genomics

The words “genetic” and “genomic,” for example, are often used interchangeably, even though they have very distinct meanings, especially when it comes to treating cancer. Learn the critical differences between the two and what they mean to cancer care.

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Breast implants

September 18, 2015

What you need to know about implants after breast cancer

It’s important to recognize the differences between cosmetic breast augmentation and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Dr. Daniel Liu, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at our Illinois hospital, spells out the characteristics surgeons use to help patients choose the right implants.

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Dr. Anita Johnson

September 15, 2015

Advances in breast cancer treatments offer new hope

A surgical oncologist focused on treating breast cancer at CTCA's Atlanta-area hospital, Dr. Anita Johnson discusses how cutting-edge treatments are offering women hope to manage and overcome the disease.

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