Breast Cancer

Breast cancer care


At City of Hope, we understand that each breast cancer is as unique as the person fighting it.
That’s why our multidisciplinary team of breast cancer experts evaluates the needs of each patient, developing a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to her individual needs and goals. With our patient-centered approach, we treat each patient like we’d want our own family to be treated.

How are we different?

Breast cancer focus

At the Breast Cancer Centers at each of our hospitals, our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other experts focus specifically on breast cancer. Because they treat breast cancer patients every day, they have the experience to help you navigate the complexities of choosing a treatment plan tailored to your needs. With years of advanced training, our oncologists and other clinicians have expertise with the broad spectrum of diseases involved, including triple-negative breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer.

Focus on women

One in three women are diagnosed with cancer every year, often with cancers that are unique to women. The cancer care experts at City of Hope, many of whom are women, understand the challenges of treating these cancers. That’s why we created our Women’s Cancer Centers. The experts at our Women’s Cancer Centers are singularly focused on screening, diagnosing and treating breast cancer and cancers of the female reproductive system. Our Women’s Cancer Centers offer every patient the comprehensive care they need and the compassionate care they deserve.

Learn more about our Women’s Cancer Centers in Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix.

Whole-person care

Our doctors work with supportive care providers to deliver evidence-informed therapies designed to address the symptoms of your disease and the side effects of treatments. That’s what integrative care is all about: keeping you strong so you can better tolerate your treatments and maintain a good quality of life. Our supportive care services include nutritional and naturopathic support to help develop a diet plan and offer supplements to help stay nourished, while pain management physicians offer medication and non-medicinal approaches to help you keep your pain in check. And our spiritual support and behavioral health providers help support your mental and emotional health before, during and after your treatment.

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Daniel Liu - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

"The unique environment here facilitates a team approach to care. When everyone is united to achieve a common goal, the results can be extremely powerful."

Comprehensive team approach

Our Breast Cancer Center teams work all under one roof. That means you have access to state-of-the-art cancer treatments and supportive care therapies all in one place. Your team is led by a medical oncologist, and your treatment plan is coordinated by a care manager dedicated to orchestrating your schedule, communication with the rest of your care team, getting your questions answered and helping you access your test results in a timely manner. Your care team may also include a breast surgeon, breast cancer pathologist, a radiation oncologist, an interventional pulmonologist, oncology nurses and a variety of supportive care clinicians.

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It is so important to be in the care of people you trust. It is essential to find ways to regain control, to take charge where you can."

Jennifer Thigpen

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