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Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)

Unlike its name implies, radiosurgery does not involve surgery. In one, or just a few treatments, known as fractions, precisely targeted, high doses of radiation are delivered to small brain tumors. The goal of stereotactic radiosurgery is to ablate, or destroy, the tumor(s) while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Stereotactic radiosurgery may allow doctors to reach tumors deep inside the cranium (skull) without the risks of surgery. Radiation beams are delivered to the target from different angles based on 3-D images pinpointing the tumor’s exact location. The treatments require no incision and cause little discomfort and few of the risks typically associated with surgery.

The type of stereotactic treatment performed depends on the particulars of each patient’s cancer type and location. Our radiation oncologists perform stereotactic treatment using a variety of technologies, including TrueBeam™, Varian's Trilogy® and the CyberKnife® robotic radiosurgery system. This treatment is often recommended over conventional radiation therapy for its ability to treat small tumors in a shorter period of time.