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Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer symptoms

Because the bladder is responsible for holding urine after it is produced by the kidneys, many symptoms of bladder cancer may relate to urination abnormalities.

Symptoms of bladder cancer include:

Blood in the urine: The first sign of bladder cancer is usually blood in the urine, also called hematuria. The color of the urine may change to a very pale yellow-red. More rarely, the urine may be dark red. Other times, the urine does not change color, but blood is found during a routine medical check-up. Hematuria may be caused by other conditions, such as an infection, noncancerous lesion, kidney stones, bladder stones or a benign kidney disease. If blood is found in the urine, follow-up tests may help pinpoint the exact cause.

Changes in urination: Frequent urination, pain during urination and a feeling of urination urgency, even when the bladder is not full, may be symptoms of bladder cancer. It is important to recognize that these changes are more commonly a sign of a less serious condition, such as a benign tumor or an infection. An inability to urinate may be a sign of bladder cancer.

Lower back pain: Larger bladder cancers may cause lower back pain.