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Why we are different

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America®, you are surrounded by a team of doctors focused on treating cancer, which allows you to explore cutting-edge options that may be available for your cancer type, with a comprehensive, personalized approach. Because our experts only treat cancer, they have an expertise that comes from working with cancer patients every day. Our world-class hospital offers a wide variety of treatment, diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technologies, all in one location. Each patient is assigned a multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to treating his or her cancer while also helping to manage side effects and maintain quality of life.

As a patient at one of our hospitals, your care team will be led by a medical oncologist who will design and deliver a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. Your care team will include clinicians who commit their time to answering your questions and walking with you through your cancer journeyfrom your first visit to your diagnostic tests, treatment visits and follow-up appointments. Your personalized care plan may also include evidence-informed supportive therapies, delivered by registered dietitians, naturopathic support providers, mind-body therapists and others, to help you manage cancer-related side effects and maintain the strength you need to continue treatment and get back to living your life.

What is cancer?

Cancer is complex. It is not one disease, but many, each with its own set of characteristics, signs, symptoms, risk factors and treatment needs. No two cancers, like not two patients, are exactly alike. Learn more about how cancer forms, how the body changes when it develops and when it's treated here: What is cancer?

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