Brent C. Paxton,


Chiropractic Physician

Brent C. Paxton - Chiropractic Physician

The all-inclusive approach offered at City of Hope is vital to providing optimum care.

City of Hope Chicago
2520 Elisha Avenue
Zion, IL 60099
Chiropractic Care
Medical school:
Doctor of Chiropractic, National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL
Advanced degrees:
Bachelor of Science, Human Biology - National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL
About Me

“I believe that the more patients understand their condition, the better chance they have to make good decisions regarding their health,” says Brent Paxton, Chiropractic Physician at City of Hope Chicago. “My job is to both treat and educate patients.”

Dr. Paxton earned his Bachelor of Science degree in human biology at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, in 1985. He completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the same institution in 1987.

Since 1988, Dr. Paxton has provided chiropractic care in private-practice settings in Zion, Illinois. As a chiropractic physician, Paxton examined patients, provided diagnoses and performed physical therapy and a wide variety of treatment techniques. During his career, he has continued to pursue additional training and education to maintain a high quality of care. He joined City of Hope as a part-time chiropractor in 2011, then became a full-time Chiropractic Physician here in October 2014.

At City of Hope, Dr. Paxton offers chiropractic care to support patients during medical treatment for cancer. He sees a benefit to the integrative approach at City of Hope, along with the ability for patients to receive all their care at one facility. “I want to provide whatever information my patients need to positively affect their life and lifestyle,” says Dr. Paxton.

Outside of City of Hope, Dr. Paxton and his wife enjoy snow skiing with their three children and watching them play soccer.

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