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At City of Hope, we recognize that cancer is a complex disease, and you may have many questions, about your diagnosis, your treatment options, potential side effects and the road ahead. We take the time to provide answers that help you make informed decisions about your care, with the sense of urgency you deserve. Contact us anytime, using any of the options below.

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If you prefer to email us, fill out this form and a member of our team will reply within one day.

International patients

At City of Hope, we treat patients from all over the world. To help you feel comfortable, and to help you get back to your home country, and your life, as quickly as possible, we offer a number of services, including interpreters and custom dietary options. To learn more, connect with us by chatting online, or call +1 847.794.8494.

Medical records

Helping City of Hope collect your records

Before your first visit to City of Hope, we will obtain your medical records and other relevant documentation. You can download and print the necessary forms below, or call an Oncology Information Specialist at 888-841-9129 with questions, any time, day or night.

City of Hope Medical History and Authorization

Requesting records from City of Hope

If you are a nurse or other health care professional seeking to obtain medical records for a patient who has treated at City of Hope, get the relevant forms, phone numbers and information.