Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with MedAllies to Innovate on Best-in-Class Patient Notifications for CMS and Provider Network

August 31, 2021

CTCA leverages new CMS Conditions of Participation notification requirements as opportunity for innovation

When the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) added a new Condition of Participation (CoP) requiring hospitals to send electronic patient event notifications to alert primary care providers and post-acute care providers of a patient’s admission, discharge, or transfer to another healthcare facility, Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) took it several steps further. They built new technology that not only complied with the requirement by the deadline of May 1, 2021, but also is poised to expand its capabilities to engage with referring providers.

In partnership with MedAllies, a leading national interoperable network and Health Information Service Provider (HISP), CTCA leveraged its own systems to connect with the MedAllies HISP platform and created an innovative proprietary technological solution to meet the CoP notification requirements. Utilizing its Patient Notification Hub, which streams real-time patient events into a centralized location, CTCA partnered with MedAllies to build a solution that subscribes to any event included in CoP notification requirements. Through the Patient Notification Hub, the solution seamlessly sends event notifications securely in real-time to patients’ known providers. Leveraging cloud-native serverless infrastructure, this event sourcing solution can easily be enhanced to meet changing needs within the healthcare industry and can be adapted when legislative changes require adding or removing event types.

“Through technological innovation that keeps referring providers informed at an event level, we enhance the personalized patient-centered approach to care that CTCA is committed to delivering,” said CTCA Chief Information Officer, Jennifer Greenman.

Building upon this solution, CTCA is aiming to integrate the Patient Notification Hub with its recently released Provider Portal. Utilizing the Provider Portal, referring providers within the CTCA network can easily refer patients and receive updates on all clinically relevant information and patient events. At its core, the Provider Portal creates efficiency in the referral process and enhances communication and collaboration between patients’ CTCA care teams and referring providers. 

“MedAllies is honored to partner with a world-class organization like CTCA by providing a component of their recent innovation to address this CoP mandate and set the stage for them to deliver additional capabilities to their care teams,” said MedAllies Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Visotsky.

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About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
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