Videos: Delicious shakes and smoothies

When cancer or its treatments make it difficult to chew or swallow, consider protein-packed drinks that are nutritious and delicious.

For many cancer patients, eating may become more of a chore than the pleasurable experience it once was. Some cancers and treatments may change the way food tastes or make it difficult to chew and/or swallow.

Enter the shake or smoothie.

While it’s important not to get all your sustenance from smoothies alone, there are times when a smooth, cool, liquid meal or snack helps overcome some eating difficulties. Smoothies and shakes are packed with flavor, protein and other ingredients that may help you stay strong and nourished.

So, if cancer has made it difficult for you to eat, consider these two treats. They’re tasty and easy to make.

Antioxidant smoothie

This frozen drink is packed with colorful goodness: beets, blueberries, kale, pineapple, ginger and more. And it’s also low in calories and fat. Get the recipe.

Chocolate peanut butter banana power shake

There’s a lot to like about chocolate and peanut butter, especially when they’re combined in an easy-to-make treat packed with fiber and protein. Get the recipe.

Another great reason to consider smoothies and shakes is their versatility. If you don’t have all the ingredients listed in these recipes, improvise with what’s in your cupboard or freezer and make your own original treat.