Phase 3 study of MRTX849 with cetuximab vs. chemotherapy in patients with advanced colorectal cancer with KRAS G12C mutation (KRYSTAL-10)


Study 849-010 is an open-label, randomized, phase 3 clinical trial comparing the efficacy of MRTX849 administered in combination with cetuximab vs. chemotherapy in the second-line treatment setting in patients with colorectal cancer with KRAS G12C mutation.



Accepting new patients

Primary Study Objective(s)

The primary objectives of this trial are to determine overall survival and progression-free survival.

Core eligibility

Note: This is only a partial list of eligibility criteria.

Accepting patients who meet the following criteria:

  • Histologically confirmed diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma with KRAS G12C mutation in tumor tissue.
  • Prior receipt of first-line treatment in advanced CRC with a fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy regimen containing either oxaliplatin or irinotecan, and radiographically documented progression of disease on or after treatment.

Excluding patients who meet these criteria:

  • Prior treatment with a therapy targeting KRAS G12C mutation (e.g., AMG 510).
  • Prior treatment with an anti-EGFR antibody (e.g., cetuximab or panitumumab).