Bone cancer care


At City of Hope, we know that bone cancer is a complex disease that affects each patient different and requires personalized care.
That’s why we’ll work with you, and one another, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to your individual needs, preferences and goals. Our cancer experts are trained and experienced in all stages of bone cancer, from diagnosing the disease, to treating it and managing its side effects, to survivorship. We involve you at every step, so you can make informed decisions about the road ahead. With our patient-centered approach, we treat each patient like we’d want our own family to be treated.

How are we different?

Quality of life-focused treatments

Many bone cancers cause pain and fractures resulting from weakened bones. An orthopedic oncologist may recommend targeted procedures to remove tumors or reconstruct bone. These procedures are also designed to help restore limb mobility, enhance function and manage pain. You also may be a candidate for an orthopedic implant—a device to replace or support damaged joints or bones in the body. These may be used to treat joint degeneration in the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow, restoring normal function by increasing mobility and reducing pain.

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Comprehensive team approach

Your bone cancer care team works all under one roof. That means you have access to state-of-the-art cancer treatments and supportive care services, all in one location. Your care team will be led by an orthopedic oncologist, and your treatment plan will be coordinated by a care manager dedicated to orchestrating your schedule, communicating with the rest of your care team, getting your questions answered and helping you access your test results in a timely manner. Your care team may also include a medical, orthopedic, surgical and/or radiation oncologist, oncology nurses and a variety of supportive care providers.

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Whole-person care


Our doctors work with supportive care providers to deliver evidence-informed services designed to address the symptoms of your disease and the side effects of treatment. That’s what integrative care is about: keeping you strong so you can better tolerate your treatments and maintain your quality of life. Our supportive care services include nutritional support to help you develop a diet plan to help stay nourished, while pain management physicians offer medication and non-narcotic approaches to help you keep your pain in check. And our spiritual support and behavioral health providers help support your mental and emotional health before, during and after your treatment.

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Laura Martin - Internist

“I enjoy treating cancer patients in a holistic way, including the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of care.”

Access to clinical trials

Clinical trials are critical tools researchers and doctors use to determine the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and therapies. At City of Hope, we’re committed to offering our patients innovative and new cancer treatments, including access to clinical trials when appropriate. These trials may provide therapies that are not yet widely available to qualified patients who have exhausted conventional treatment options or whose cancer is advanced or difficult to treat. Our cancer doctors and researchers will work with you to determine whether you qualify for a trial and, if so, help you enroll.

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The compassion I felt from my care team helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel."

Susan Turner

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