Plan for your cancer screenings

Cancer screening is one of the most powerful tools available to reduce cancer risk, including the risk of a recurrence or second cancer.

To determine your screening schedule, you need accurate and complete information, but some important details may be difficult to remember. That’s why we developed the Cancer Screening Tracker. It’s designed to make it easy for you to gather and maintain cancer-related, personal and family health history information. Your doctor will use this information to assess your personal cancer risk and recommend a screening schedule for you.

Use the Cancer Screening Tracker to:

  • Record cancer-related health history information about you and your blood relatives
  • Track your cancer screening recommendations and appointment schedule
  • List questions to ask your doctors, notes from appointments and next steps to take in your cancer prevention plan

Cancer Screening Tracker PDF Image
Open in Adobe Reader to complete and save on your device.

Cancer Screening Image

Start the conversation! Talk to family members and share the Cancer Screening Tracker to help them become aware of your family's cancer history.

**If you are experiencing symptoms, do not wait for a screening. Contact your physician immediately.**