Life stresses, including a cancer diagnosis, may lead to significant distress. Virtual counseling may help you work through emotional distress and life challenges, while providing positive coping strategies for dealing with general or cancer related stress. Virtual coaching provides peer support, motivation and a positive approach to difficult challenges.

We’ve partnered with e-Psychiatry to provide private access to doctors or therapists from the comfort of your home. They provide appointments matching you and/or your family member(s) with a provider within a few days. They have a large, national network of thousands of providers covering all 50 states. You can select preferences for your provider, including languages spoken, specialization, and more.

Benefits of this service:

  • Avoid potential COVID exposure in crowded waiting rooms. See a doctor or therapist from the comfort of your home with e-Psychiatry.

  • e-Psychiatry matches with a provider within a few days, compared to the industry average 1-2 month long wait-times.

  • More privacy: Talking about your mental health is something many consumers like to keep private. e-Psychiatry allows you to avoid crowded waiting rooms, and talk with a provider from the comfort of your home. All of your data is stored in a HIPAA secure platform.