What is CTCA/Rx?

Cancer patients have so much to keep track of, from doctor appointments and test results to treatment schedules and insurance papers. If you’ve been prescribed medications that are integral to your care, keeping up with your prescriptions becomes an important priority—from taking the drugs as directed and refilling them promptly to managing the side effects they may cause.

CTCA/Rx® understands that cancer is a complex disease, and that oncology medications play a key role in fighting it. That’s why we make our staff available throughout your cancer journey to handle your pharmacy needs, from your hospital bed to your front door.

As the in-house clinic pharmacy at City of Hope, CTCA/Rx serves cancer patients across the country, both at the hospital and in their homes—before, during and after treatment. Our pharmacy is staffed by pharmacists who have comprehensive training in the many facets involved in delivering clinic pharmacy care.



Quality, compassionate care

Our oncology pharmacy provides quality care in several ways:

CTCA/Rx guides you through the process of ordering your prescribed medications, such as oral chemotherapies, and works with drug manufacturers to deliver medications securely and promptly to your home. Our pharmacists also take the time to educate you and your caregiver, helping you understand your medications and manage the side effects they may cause.

CTCA/Rx coordinates with your care team to help you understand how and when to take your medications as prescribed, to help avoid and manage drug-related side effects and to alert your doctor to potential drug interactions.

CTCA/Rx serves as a liaison between you and your insurance provider, handling billing and insurance logistics, securing authorizations for medications, and working with patient assistance programs on your behalf to help you find financial support if you qualify for it.

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Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (ET), Monday - Friday

CTCA/Rx plays three key roles in your care: as the go-to pharmacy for your medication needs, as a member of your care team, and as a liaison with your insurance company. Among the possible benefits we offer, CTCA/Rx:

  • Is staffed by pharmacists
  • Delivers medications directly to your home
  • Provides counseling, detailed instructions and monitoring of prescribed medications
care team
  • Works with patients’ clinicians to provide a seamless coordination of care
  • Consults with patients’ care teams, making adjustments to medications as needed
  • Alerts physicians of possible drug interactions and disruptive side effects
  • Works with your insurer to get pre-authorizations for prescribed medications
  • Helps you understand, fill out and file insurance-related paperwork, billing and claims
  • Locates and coordinates with patient assistance programs on your behalf

Q & A

Q. Is a pharmacist available to answer clinical questions?

A pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help with your clinical questions and medication concerns. You can reach the on-call pharmacist by calling the pharmacy. If your question is about a prescription status or insurance coverage, please call the pharmacy during normal business hours. If you feel that you are experiencing a true medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Q. How do I place a prescription order?

Your prescriptions may be sent to us electronically by a member of your care team or they may be dropped off in person at CTCA/Rx. We’ll contact your insurance company to determine your coverage and let you know your financial obligation as soon as possible. We can also let you know if you qualify for financial assistance.

Q. How do I obtain a refill?

One of our technicians will reach out to you about a week before you are scheduled to run out of your medication. Our technician will ask questions to determine how you’re feeling and whether you are experiencing side effects, and connect you with a pharmacist if you have questions. Our technician can schedule the refill for you.

Q. How do I access medications in case of an emergency or a disaster?

If there is an emergency or a disaster, CTCA/Rx will make every possible effort to help you avoid an interruption in your medication regimen. If possible, we may be able to obtain an override to fill the prescription early if delivery delays are expected. We also can arrange to have the medication delivered via a courier service, or transferred to a different pharmacy, if either of those would help you receive the medication in a timely manner.

Q. How do I check on the status of my prescription?

You can check on the status of your prescriptions during normal business hours. Please call CTCA/Rx, and one of our technicians can update you on the status of your prescription, insurance or shipping.

Q. What information do I need to know about prescription substitutions?

If it is deemed financially beneficial to our patients, CTCA/Rx will institute prescription substitutions, unless specifically stated otherwise by a physician.

Q. Can I transfer my prescription to a different pharmacy?

CTCA/Rx is the most convenient option for managing any specialty medications. If a transfer is necessary, all you have to do is call your pharmacy to schedule this transfer.

Q. If a medication is not available at CTCA/Rx, what should I do?

If there is a medication that cannot be dispensed by CTCA/Rx, we’ll find another pharmacy that can fill your prescription and transfer it there, doing everything we can to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Q. What should I do if there is a medication recall?

If your medication has been recalled, CTCA/Rx will be notified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or the manufacturer. CTCA/Rx will then reach out to you directly to inform you of the recall, to determine if the medication has been taken, and to outline next steps. If you haven’t taken the medication, you may be instructed to return it to CTCA/Rx, and you will be sent directions and packaging to do so.

Q. How do I dispose of my medications?

If your medications are injectables, you should dispose of the needles in the “Sharps” container that CTCA/Rx sends with your initial shipment. Please call your local county government to determine when and how pick-ups are managed. For instructions on proper disposal of oral medications, please refer to this FDA website

Q. What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction?

You can call CTCA/Rx or your physician if you experience a reaction to your medication at any time. Our pharmacists will work with you to help you manage side effects. If your reaction is severe, call 911.

Q. How do I report concerns? Or if I determine there was an error?

If you have a concern or a grievance, please call CTCA/Rx directly and report the details. Each complaint is investigated and resolved within 10 business days. If you suspect an error, such as receiving the wrong medication, please call CTCA/Rx. Each error will be handled immediately, and you will be guided through the resolution process.

Q. What additional information is there for new or prospective patients?

Please take a look at our CTCA/Rx Welcome Packet in English or Spanish, a document provided to all new patients that explains in more detail our services, instructions on managing your medications, and important forms to fill out.


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Call 833-570-4736 or e-mail us to learn more about our services.

Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (ET), Monday - Friday

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