​Our ambulatory surgery satisfaction results

OAS CAHPS survey background and methodology

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) voluntarily collects data on the quality of our ambulatory surgical outpatients’ experiences using a nationally standardized and validated instrument. The Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) survey measures the patient experience with surgeries performed at hospital-based outpatient surgery departments. The survey is administered to all patients on behalf of CTCA® by Press Ganey, an independent federally-certified research organization, within two weeks following their outpatient surgery or procedure.

CTCA outpatient and ambulatory surgery patient satisfaction results

The information displayed on the following pages is reported using frequency scores representing the percentage of patients rating their experience in the affirmative top box (definitely/always) in response to all care dimensions for which questions were posed.

ambulatory patient experience recommend enterprise 2019

ambulatory patient experience rating enterprise 2019

ambulatory survey satisfaction all hospitals 2019

ambulatory survey satisfaction atlanta 2019

ambulatory survey satisfaction chicago 2019

ambulatory survey satisfaction phoenix 2019

OAS CAHPS survey key
Graph labels Survey questions (and domains)
(1) Recommend • Patients who would definitely recommend their facility to friends and family
(2) Communication • Provided all needed information about procedure
• Instructions to prepare for procedure were easy to understand
• Staff explained procedure in way that was easy to understand
• Information on anesthesia and its side effects were easy to understand
(3) Facility/Personal treatment • Check-in process ran smoothly
• Facility cleanliness
• Clerks and receptionists were helpful
• Clerks and receptionists treated you with courtesy and respect
• Staff treated you with courtesy and respect
• Staff ensured you were comfortable
(4) Discharge • Received written discharge instructions
• Prepared for what to expect during recovery
• Received information on subsequent pain
• Received information on subsequent nausea
• Received information on subsequent bleeding
• Received information on what to do if there are signs of infection
(5) Overall • Patients who rated their facility 9 or 10 on a scale from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

1 Top Peer Oncology Provider cohort is unavailable for OAS Survey at this time.