Patient Portal

What is the myCTCA patient portal?

For many patients, a cancer diagnosis often brings with it a wave of stress and emotions. It also comes with questions, paperwork, appointments, prescriptions and medical bills. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we understand how difficult managing your cancer treatment may be. To help you and your caregivers navigate the complexities of the cancer journey, we offer the myCTCA patient portal, a web-based tool designed to allow you to connect with your care team, manage appointments and view medical information.

With the myCTCA portal, you can:

The myCTCA portal also allows you to email members of your care team, get answers to frequently asked questions and get email notifications about upcoming appointments or when lab tests are available.

The myCTCA portal is no substitute for the compassionate and personalized care delivered by the doctors and clinicians at CTCA®. You can still reach out and speak directly with members of your care team, who will be happy to address concerns and answer questions. The portal, however, provides another option for you to communicate with your clinical team.

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Additional resources

In addition to the myCTCA web portal, we also offer Smartphone apps, available in the Google and Apple Store.

CTCA provides many other resources on cancercenter.com to help you learn more about your cancer type, treatment options and the members of your care team, including:

Protecting the security of your information

At CTCA, protecting patient privacy and personal information is a responsibility we take seriously. The myCTCA portal is designed to allow patients to exchange health information and medical records securely.

To help keep patient information secure and private, we recommend that you take these important steps:

If you have technical issues with your my CTCA portal, call the help line 24/7 at 1-800-234-0482. This number is for technical issues only and not for medical-related questions.

If you need emergency medical assistance, dial 911.