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The Gynecologic Cancer Center at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Chicago, focuses on treating women with cancer of the reproductive organs, including:

These cancers require not only expert care, but supportive services designed to help women stay strong during treatment and to address sexual and other side effects that may be a result of the disease or its treatment. The oncologists and other cancer experts at the Gynecologic Cancer Center at CTCA® Chicago work closely with behavioral health, oncology rehabilitation, nutritional support and other supportive care providers to help ease and prevent cancer-related side effects, such as lymphedema and pelvic floor weakness.

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Our Gynecologic Cancer Center doctors


Barbara Buttin

Gynecologic Oncologist

Julian Schink - Chief, CTCA Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Surgery

Julian Schink

CTCA Enterprise Chief Medical Officer

Hatem Halabi - Assistant Director of the GI Cancer Institute

Hatem Halabi

Interim Chair, CTCA Department of Surgery

Karan Shah

Radiation Oncologist, CTCA Chicago

Karen Smorowski - Radiation Oncologist

Karen Smorowski

Radiation Oncologist, CTCA Chicago

How is gynecologic oncology different at CTCA Chicago?

The Gynecologic Cancer Center at CTCA Chicago treats your specific gynecologic cancer using standard-of-care and, when appropriate, innovative precision medicine treatments, while also offering evidence-informed supportive care services designed to help patients manage cancer-related symptoms and side effects.

Your care team will oversee the many aspects of your cancer diagnosis and treatment, including reviewing your medical records and history, performing a pelvic exam and lab tests, when necessary, and ordering diagnostic procedures to help determine a treatment plan designed just for you and your needs.

Your gynecologic oncologist will discuss with you and your caregiver the treatment options available to you, while also sharing the ways supportive care services may be incorporated into your cancer treatment plan.

Supportive care

Women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers may face unique challenges, both physical and emotional. A reproductive cancer diagnosis may raise concerns about fertility and sexual health. Side effects of treatment may cause body-image issues and pain. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors and clinicians offer treatment options and supportive care services customized to meet your individual needs. Supportive care services that may be available to gynecologic oncology patients at CTCA Chicago include:

Expert cancer care

is one call away.
appointments in as little as 24 hrs.

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