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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, we recognize the important role that spiritual support may have in helping patients manage the emotional stress associated with cancer treatment. Patients at CTCA® Phoenix have many options to incorporate spirituality into their care. At our Phoenix hospital, pastors and clergy members are available onsite to counsel and pray with patients and their family members. Our Phoenix hospital also offers individual and group prayer, along with weekly worship and communion services. Patient and caregiver classes are available to discuss topics of healing, faith and life. All denominations of faith are welcome to participate, and counseling is available with a faith representative of your choice.

Nurturing your faith may help you better cope with the spiritual and emotional challenges associated with cancer. The pastoral care team at CTCA Phoenix supports and encourages your spiritual growth, regardless of your beliefs. Our team of pastors and clergy members are committed to helping guide you on your path through treatment. They are available to answer any questions patients may have about their faith. Our spiritual support team also invites caregivers and family members to participate in the counsel process and activities.  

Spiritual support providers at CTCA offer support during cancer treatment and may help improve a patient's psychological outlook or emotional health. As part of the evidence-informed supportive care offered at our Phoenix cancer center, spiritual support is one option available in the treatment journey, to offer patients a feeling of empowerment and to encourage healing and wellness.

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