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Physician assistants at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, are experienced and educated cancer professionals. The physician assistants at our Phoenix hospital work with our doctors to assist them in treating cancer, using the myriad treatment options and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools available at our hospital. Physician assistants at CTCA® Phoenix work in a number of departments, all committed to providing whole-person cancer care.

Jenise Tondini, PA-C, is one of the physician assistants at our hospital in Arizona. Tondini joined CTCA in August 2013 as a physician assistant in surgery. As part of the surgical team, she has the training and experience to assist with surgical oncology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and Da Vinci® robotic surgery procedures. A physician assistant working in surgery may close incisions and provide patient care before, during and after the operation. Tondini provides care for patients with many different cancers, including breast and colorectal.

Our physician assistants at CTCA Phoenix are committed to treating the whole person, by working closely with doctors to recommend advanced treatment options and help patients manage cancer-related side effects. Our integrative care team combines advanced medical treatments designed to attack the cancer, while employing supportive therapies to help you stay strong throughout treatment. When your side effects are maintained by supportive therapies, you may be better able to focus on healing and an improved quality of life. All your treatments and therapies at CTCA Phoenix are delivered under one roof, at the 210,000-square-foot Arizona facility, which opened in December 2008. CTCA Phoenix is one of the five CTCA hospitals across the United States.

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