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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, our pathologists use advanced tools and diagnostic tests to examine and diagnose cancers. Pathologists examine organs, tissues and bodily fluids in order to help make a diagnosis.

Often, one of the first surgical procedures a patient with cancer will undergo is a biopsy to remove cells or tissues for examination under a microscope. Pathologists examine the tissue from the biopsy to determine whether the cancer began at the site of the biopsy sample, or whether it started somewhere else in the body and spread. Several types of cancers are strong candidates for biopsy, including breast, liver, colon, skin, bone marrow, lung and bladder. The oncologists at CTCA® Phoenix determine an appropriate biopsy method based on several factors, such as the size, shape, location and characteristics of the abnormality. Our doctors employ minimally invasive biopsy techniques when possible, using a needle or endoscope to remove fluid, cells or tissue. Some patients may have surgery to remove a portion of the tumor or the entire tumor for the pathologists to examine.

At CTCA, our pathologists work closely with other doctors to provide a pathology report. Our Phoenix cancer center combines conventional medical treatments with supportive care services. Depending on your needs, physical therapy, nutrition, mind-body medicine and other evidence-informed supportive services may be recommended to help you manage side effects and promote well-being throughout your treatment journey. This integrative treatment model is one of the ways our hospital in Goodyear, Arizona, delivers on a commitment to comprehensive, personalized cancer care.

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