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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, each patient is assigned a team of oncologists and other clinicians committed to delivering comprehensive, integrative cancer care. The experienced cancer doctors and clinicians at CTCA® Phoenix work together in one location, treating cancer and helping patients support their quality of life. Depending on your needs, nutrition, naturopathic medicine or oncology rehabilitation therapy may be recommended to help you manage side effects and promote well-being before, during and after treatment.

The oncology rehabilitation team at our Phoenix hospital collaborates on a regular basis to discuss each patient’s goals and needs. The oncology rehabilitation team’s goal is to help you get back to functioning as you did before cancer. The oncology rehabilitation therapists at CTCA may recommend a variety of therapeutic strategies intended to help cancer patients strengthen their bodies and reduce fatigue.

One of the oncology rehabilitation programs offered at CTCA Phoenix is the Motion for Life Program, a patient-centered exercise program that includes stretching, aerobic training and resistance-band exercises, in an effort to help you maintain the energy you need to continue treatment and participate in activities that are important to you. Our oncology rehabilitation therapists in Arizona develop a personalized exercise regimen for each patient, monitoring the patient’s progress along the way and making recommendations designed to improve function and support quality of life. The oncology rehabilitation team works with each patient with the goal of helping to build strength and endurance, regain independence, reduce stress and maintain energy to avoid delays in treatment.

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