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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, we understand that good nutrition is important—especially if you have cancer. Treatment for cancer, and cancer itself, may affect your appetite and how your body digests, absorbs and uses food. Cancer-related malnutrition may make you feel tired or weak, and make it difficult to continue treatment. At CTCA® Phoenix, our dedicated nutrition therapy team helps patients manage their nutritional intake so they are better able to stay strong throughout treatment.

Patients at our Phoenix hospital meet with a registered dietitian (nutritionist), who is part of a wider integrative care team that puts patients at the center of their care. Our dietitians take a proactive approach to nutrition, working closely with you and your care team to create a dietary plan that meets your unique nutritional needs during and after treatment. While undergoing conventional cancer treatment, patients may experience a variety of symptoms, such as weight loss, poor appetite or malnutrition. The dietitians at CTCA work closely with patients and the rest of their care team to address such challenges.

The nutrition therapists at our Phoenix hospital will recommend a nutrition plan tailored to you and your needs. That may include balancing essential ingredients, including vegetables and fruits, with unsaturated fats, lean protein (eggs, yogurt, fish, soy, legumes and lean meats) and whole grains. These clinicians are experienced in working with cancer patients, so they understand the role proper nutrition plays in helping patients maintain their strength and stamina, and reducing the risk of treatment delays or interruptions.

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