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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, our nurse practitioners are part of a multidisciplinary team, assisting doctors in various departments to diagnose and treat cancer. Our nurse practitioners are licensed health care professionals who work under the direct supervision of a doctor. All nurse practitioners have obtained a master’s degree in nursing, and many have completed additional education and training. At our Phoenix hospital, nurse practitioners are certified to practice under the direction of a doctor in a number of clinical areas of our hospital. They have extensive experience working directly with cancer patients, providing information about the disease and the available options to treat it. Our nurse practitioners work one on one with patients, empowering them to take an active role in the decisions about which combination of treatments may be appropriate for them.

Depending on where in the hospital they work, our nurse practitioners in Arizona may have a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Conducting physical exams
  • Managing cancer symptoms and side effects
  • Ordering and interpreting test results
  • Writing prescriptions, including for chemotherapy and other cancer treatments
  • Sharing information and resources on preventative health
  • Providing a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services
  • Contributing to clinical education and research initiatives

At CTCA Phoenix, our nurse practitioners provide whole-person care in concert and under the direction of our doctors. CTCA Phoenix provides advanced technologies and treatments combined with evidence-informed supportive care. The doctors and clinicians at our Phoenix hospital strive to help you fight cancer while supporting your quality of life.

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