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The mind-body medicine team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) near Phoenix is committed to helping patients maintain their mental health during cancer treatments, because they know it plays an important role in the recovery process. Sensitive to the needs of the cancer patient, our mind-body therapists at our Phoenix-area hospital use a number of therapeutic tools to help heal emotional pain caused by their disease. These services are also offered to caregivers and families, who often exhibit some of the same feelings of anger, denial, fear and anxiety as those diagnosed with the disease.

Our Phoenix-area hospital serves the states of Nevada and California, as well as the West Coast of the United States. CTCA® employs a number of licensed clinical social workers, as well as psychologists who work to help patients manage their anxiety, nausea, pain and stress. These therapists routinely work with other members of the integrative oncology team to understand a patient’s overall treatment regimen and the needs that may develop from treatment-related side effects.

Mind-body therapists at CTCA near Phoenix work with patients through traditional talk therapy techniques. They are also equipped to counsel couples and families as needed.  All of these options, as well as other mind-body tools, are available to patients at the Arizona facility. Those seeking to better manage their cancer-related anxiety, for example, can participate in stress-management classes, or work with mind-body therapists to learn relaxation techniques and deep-breathing exercises.  

Mind-body therapists can also help patients ease their pain through guided imagery, which offers a kind of escape through the use of positive visualization. Laughter therapy is yet another option, encouraging patients to seek relief from pain and stress by finding the humor around them.

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