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Joel L. Granick, MD, MS
Cynthia Lynch, MD
Patient Rating
4.9 / 5
126 Ratings
Saba Radhi, MD, MS
Saima Saeed, MD
Ashish Sangal, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
96 Ratings
Alan Tan, MD
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4.7 / 5
98 Ratings

The department of medical oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, is staffed with experienced and educated cancer professionals. The medical oncologists at our Phoenix hospital diagnose and treat cancer using standard-of-care and advanced treatment options, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.  The treatment plan created for you is personalized to meet your needs. Cancer treatments used by medical oncologists are designed to destroy cancer cells, slow the growth of cancer and prevent cancer from spreading. The recommended chemotherapy dosage and schedule may vary depending on your type of cancer and how well you respond to treatment.

Your medical oncologist is part of your extended care team at CTCA® Phoenix.  Patients at our cancer center in Goodyear meet with experienced medical oncologists, who review their health history and medical records. These doctors also perform physical exams and order tests or blood work, if needed. Once the medical oncologist has completed a thorough evaluation, he or she will discuss the diagnosis and staging with the patient and his or her family. Our medical oncologists in Arizona will recommend treatment options that are customized to your individual circumstances.

Our medical oncologists are committed to treating the whole person, by recommending advanced treatment options and helping patients manage cancer-related side effects. Your integrative care team  combines conventional medical treatments with supportive therapies to attack the cancer and help you stay strong throughout treatment. When your side effects are maintained, you may be better able to focus on healing and an improved quality of life.

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