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Gastroenterologists at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, use advanced tools and procedures to diagnose, stage and treat gastrointestinal cancers. The physicians in the Gastroenterology Department at our Phoenix hospital work with patients and their extended care team throughout their treatment journey. They strive to help patients with digestive system cancers by designing individualized treatment plans, to attack the cancer and help patients manage related side effects.

Gastroenterology professionals at CTCA® Phoenix have experience in treating a wide range of gastrointestinal cancers, including those of the bile duct, colon, liver, pancreas, intestines or rectum. Dr. Jeffrey Weber, Chief of Medicine and Director of Gastroenterology & Metabolic Support Services, leads the gastroenterology team at CTCA Phoenix. These gastroenterologists also have the training and experience to treat breast or lung cancer that has spread, or metastasized, to the digestive system. Some of the tools these clinicians may use include colonoscopies, endoscopic ultrasounds (EUS), endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), fiducial markers and Jejunostomy, also known as J-tubes.

Minimally invasive endoscopic ultrasounds can be instrumental in diagnosing and staging cancers of the digestive system, including cancers of the bile duct, colon, rectum pancreas and esophagus. Gastroenterologists at the Arizona hospital may also use endoscopic ultrasounds to inject medication into celiac ganglion nerve tissue to relieve pain. Gastroenterologists also use endoscopic ultrasounds to place fiducial markers in tumors so radiation oncologists can locate and target them more directly. This may reduce damage to healthy tissue near the tumor.

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