Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Meet Dr. Joel Granick

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Dr. Joel Granick: I think one of the key features about Cancer Treatment Centers of America and all of its care for patients is that we have an integrative approach. That it is not just one modality of treatment but we incorporate not only allopathic medicine which is traditional medications that physicians give, but also we incorporate naturopathy which can be homeopathics and herbals. We very strongly incorporate nutrition, mind, body, medicine, pastoral care in all our programs and that includes programs in palliative care. So that's where it really becomes a whole team taking care of the patient. I think also Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for what we call the Mother Standard which basically means we’re there to take care of that patient as if they were our mother, our brother, our sister. We have that, that degree of care for the patients that we take care of.

Listen to Dr. Granick describe the integrated approach used at CTCA whereby conventional medicine and complementary therapies are combined in each individualized care plan.

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