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Argon plasma coagulation

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Dr. Mark Lund: Argon Plasma Coagulation is one of the tools that we use here at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Eastern Regional Medical Center. It is a form of electrosurgery that uses electricity to kill the tumor but doesn’t require that we actually touch the tumor. The problem with touching the tumor in some cases is that it bleeds a lot. By us being able to approach the tumor without touching it we actually can effectively destroy areas of tumor, and stop bleeding in those areas that are oozing and causing people to cough up blood with much less risk. We can also take out larger areas of tumor and, in a sense, paint the area that was the bottom of that tumor and therefore, we can stop bleeding after we’ve taken out tumors.

Listen to Dr. Mark Lund explain argon plasma coagulation. This form of electrosurgery uses electricity to kill the tumor, without requiring doctors to touch the tumor. As Dr. Lund explains, this reduces tumor bleeding.

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