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Meet Kalli Castille

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Kalli Castille: Here at Cancer Treatment Centers of America we take a very proactive approach in nutrition. We want to see you from the minute you walk in the door, throughout your entire treatment process. We’re going to help build your immune system, strengthen that immune system, help control those symptoms, as well as teach you ways and cooking and shopping tips for when you go home.

We’re completely focused on your cancer, and so for a dietitian, the world of oncology and cancer and food is so big that being able to focus directly on that makes us provide the best care possible to you. The way we all work together in an integrative team model makes sure that we all know exactly what’s going on, we can help you, we’re not going to leave anyone out.

Everyone’s going to be involved as well as you and that’s the big piece is we let you drive the bus here. We’re going to give you the options, the education of what’s going on and let you decide and we’re going to be there with you throughout the whole thing.

Listen to Kalli Castille describe the proactive approach nutritionists and dietitians take at CTCA. Castille explains, "We are completely focused on your cancer."

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