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Sylvia: Became a nurse at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I was a new nurse right out of nursing school, and I felt very comfortable. I had preceptors and Ebata she was wonderful and she was right by my side for probably a good three months of training. We have great mentors here and you never feel like you’re alone here.

Amanda: I didn’t really know what to expect when I came you know to observe and to interview, and when I got here and met people I was just blown away, blown away by people, blown away by the services that we offer patients. Everybody here just has one goal in mind and it’s providing amazing patient care.

Holly: I just feel so privileged to be able to work here. Every patient that walks into our unit, walks down the hall is one of our family. Every day that I come to work I truly feel inspired to want to do better. I see my co-workers, all of them doing such a wonderful job and always going that extra mile, and it makes me want to do better.

Julie: They not only empower you to do spend the time with your patients and really get to know your patients, but it’s almost an expectation and Cancer Treatment Centers bar none is always patient first and very patient focused and to me that is that’s why we’re here is for the patient, and the fact that I work for a company like Cancer Treatment Centers of America that allows me to spend that time is very important.

Mark: I’m the manager of infusion and the ambulatory clinic here at western regional medical center. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a pretty unique place to work. I’ve been here now for about a year and a half and I can tell you that we walk the walk here at CTCA and we have everything from nutrition, to mind and body, to pain management, all the way up to the oncologists. It’s a different atmosphere here than any other hospital. We want to work together as a team to make sure that our patients are provided for. You know, I’ve been a nurse for quite some time and I can tell you that up until recently I’ve never seen anything like this before where nurses actually want to help each other out and come to work with a smile on their face each day just to make sure that our patients are well taken care of.

Amanda: I think if you ask any staff member or any patient, they’ll tell you that CTCA it does not feel like a normal hospital. You know as far as the different kinds of services we offer to our patients, we don’t act like a typical hospital. We really do cater to the needs of our patients. It’s not cold, it’s not white, it’s you know it’s very warm and inviting and not only is our facility warm and inviting but our staff is as well and it’s something I’m proud to be apart of.

Holly: I’ve never worked at an institution that has provided more ongoing education than here. And often times at other places they’ve actually offered it but then not been able to follow through because of scheduling or budget constraints, but here I’ve done more here than I have in any other place that I’ve worked at and I’ve worked at a lot of places in my career and already here I’ve done critical care class, I’ve done a oncology class, a chemo class so I’m just so pleased with that.

Faith: We have opportunities through, if you’re learning style is more online we have a lot of CEU’s available online, otherwise we have classes that are brought to us and we can participate in. In the time I’ve been here I’ve gotten my ONS, my chemo certification, I’m able to right now if I want to do some leadership training I have that available to me also.

Sylvia: You fulfill yourself in your nursing career, you nurture the patients and the families, and you have wonderful support from your team, your coworkers, and your peers. It’s just a great place to work, a great loving place.

Amanda: The mother standard of care is treating everyone of our patients the way that we would expect our mother to be treated, and we normally don’t treat ourselves the way that we treat you know our mothers we treat them much better than ourselves. So, we treat every patient like their our mother and that’s the bottom line. We do whatever we have to do to achiever that.

Mark: When I hire my nurses the first thing I look for is compassion and the ability to provide the mother standard of care. You know, would you want your mother treated like this and that’s what I look for and that’s what I ask all my candidates before I hire them.

Faith: The patients come first, but it’s the people I work with we come together as a team. Whether you’re a PCT, or a PCA, if you’re a nurse, if you’re a doctor, you come together and just work as a team. I’ve come from a very large hospital, and management is management you always here, “Oh I have an open door come and see me”, but their not available here they are. You walk by them in the halls all the time, you pass people, people know people. In fact, Part of our orientation is we want to know what your name is. We like to say, “Hi, how are you doing?”. We check in with people. Everyone’s always got a smile on their face and we always interact with people who are way up, or people who are down low. We stop and talk to the housekeeper, we stop and talk to the VP. It’s great.

Mark: Come and walk the walk with us and see what patient care is really about in providing the mother standard of care. Honestly, it truly is a great feeling and blessing to every patient that walks through our doors.

Hear what it's like to be a nurse at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). In this video, nurses from various departments talk about their experiences at CTCA, and what it's like to provide truly patient-centered care.

Learn how CTCA nurses:

  • Provide quality care to cancer patients each day
  • Feel supported by coworkers and management
  • Work in a warm and welcoming environment
  • Receive mentorship and ongoing education
  • Work as a team with other hospital departments
  • Feel empowered to spend time with patients
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