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News Host: Well you know the old expression – you are what you eat. Experts say some foods are better for us than others and some even promote good health.

News Host1: This morning a doctor and a chef will tell us how your diet might reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Reporter: These people are eating lunch at Eastern Regional Medical Center in Juniata Park. It is part of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the hospital’s menu helps patients heal.

Dr. Anthony Perre: To have better stamina to be able to withstand their chemo treatments and to proceed at a normal rate so that they can go forward with their cancer treatments and hopefully beat their cancer.

Reporter: What works for cancer patients can sometimes work for others. In fact there are those that believe that some types of food can prevent cancer. Hospital Executive Chef Jack Shoop says one key is to eat more fruit and vegetables brought as fresh as possible.

Jack Shoop: Go into the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store and pick up cans of food. Every time we pick up a can of food we are probably consuming things that could possibly lead to cancer if we had ate enough of it.

Reporter: Also important, buying what’s in season. So it’s reducing your fat intake. The kitchen at this hospital prefers vegetable stock and healthy oils over meat broth. It uses almost no butter at all. You need not go vegetarian but maybe you’d want to get more of your protein from fish and chicken rather than from red meat.

Jack Shoop: Searing good striped bass, roasting a piece of salmon, grilling chicken breast and if we are going to eat some red meat, you know, you eat red meat every third day instead of every day and you are still good to go.

Philadelphia's ABC channel 6 tours the CTCA cafeteria at Eastern Regional Medical Center (ERMC). Dr. Anthony Perre describes the benefit of eating healthy while Chef Jack Shoop describes how he selects the most nutritious foods for cancer patients. Though it is important to eat right after receiving a diagnosis of cancer, some foods can help prevent cancer altogether. Chef Shoop says it is important to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce fat intake. He also endorses a diet low in red meat.

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