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Dr. Mark Axness: One of the things that patients are typically interested in is the experience of the medical staff that we have here at CTCA. And I have to admit, of all the hospitals I’ve been involved with the experience is tremendous in every aspect. The depth and the breath of this experience, the types of cases that we see, is tremendous. It’s a wonderful experience, especially to be surrounded by the caliber of physicians that we have here.

Having worked at a number of medical centers over the past 25 years, I’ve really come to appreciate how CTCA is set up, and the model that it uses to treat the patients. Typically in a community cancer-type setting you have a number of physicians who are positioned across the city and typically the patients are farmed out to these different physicians for different aspects of their care. It’s time consuming for the patients, it’s frustrating to get from here to there, but there’s also the issue regarding communication between physicians. The physicians tend to work in their own silo as it were, doing what they do and the communication is poor between the specialties.

Here at CTCA, it’s a matter of walking 40 or 50 feet, meeting my colleagues in different areas to be able to discuss with them directly about the patient care that I’m doing, as well as what their doing concurrently. So, it’s an easy way of communicating directly with these other physicians about the patient care, it really leads to easy integration of the care.

Listen to Dr. Axness discuss why he loves working at CTCA. Among other things, Dr. Axness notes open communication, the caliber of physicians, and the unique model of care.

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