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Meet Dr. Anthony Perre

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Dr. Anthony Perre: My name is Dr. Anthony Perre. I’m a doctor of internal medicine. I’m the chief of medicine here at CTCA, and I also serve as the lead hospitalist. There were many reasons why I decided to pick or choose to come to CTCA. Part of it was related to the atmosphere that’s here at CTCA. Everybody is so friendly and willing to work well together to help patients. I felt that I could make a difference in patients' lives by working here.

As a lymphoma survivor myself you know I feel that I was called to be a, to work here at CTCA. I have an understanding of what it feels like not to be able to eat, not to be able to have an appetite, to be completely scared out of your mind, and the uncertainty of what the future holds be overwhelming and so I think I can on a different level be empathetic towards what patients are going through.

Listen to Dr. Perre explain how the friendly atmosphere and ability to make a difference in patients' lives drew him to CTCA.

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