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Navigational bronchoscopy

What is navigational bronchoscopy?

We use navigational bronchoscopy to help doctors to find and reach tumors located in the periphery of the lungs, where smaller bronchi are not wide enough to allow passage of a normal bronchoscope. With navigational bronchoscopy, doctors can find lung tumors, take biopsies and administer treatment.

Navigational bronchoscopy, which combines advanced imaging techniques with electromagnetic navigation, is used to:

  • Find and biopsy suspicious masses
  • Suction excess fluid or mucus from the airway or chest
  • Control bleeding in the airway
  • Treat tumors in the airway using HDR brachytherapy
  • Place airway stents
  • Place catheters in vital areas of the lungs

Navigational bronchoscopy is minimally invasive compared to purcutaneous lung biopsy procedures. It also requires less time for recovery and can be done on an outpatient basis.

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