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Contura® multi-lumen balloon

We offer breast cancer patients Contura®, an innovative method of delivering internal radiation therapy following a lumpectomy.

A type of accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), this innovative form of breast brachytherapy may help to destroy cancerous cells left behind after a lumpectomy, while sparing the surrounding healthy breast tissue.

With Contura, our oncologists use a small balloon-like catheter to administer a targeted radiation dosage directly to the area where a breast tumor has been surgically removed, which is where tumors are most likely to recur.

The catheter is guided into the space left where the tumor was removed (lumpectomy cavity), and the balloon is inflated until it conforms to the shape of the cavity. A tiny radioactive source is then inserted into the inflated balloon to deliver a precise dose of radiation treatment.

Advantages of Contura

  • Treatment is given on an outpatient basis.
  • Radiation is delivered from within the cavity, helping to minimize damage to healthy surrounding breast tissue.
  • Highly focused radiation reduces treatment time to days instead of weeks with standard radiation therapy.
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