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What is CivaSheet®?

CivaSheet® Is a flexible, low-dose rate (LDR) implantable brachytherapy device, which emits unidirectional radiation by integrating gold shielding. Radiation is delivered directly to the treatment site, while reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissue. This directional property allows physicians to deliver aggressive radiation doses immediately adjacent to healthy, sensitive tissue. It also enables physicians to deliver focused radiation doses to patients who may have already received the limit of external beam radiation in a particular area of the body, expanding options to some patients with advanced or recurrent disease.

How it works

CivaSheet is implanted at the end of a surgical resection procedure. It may be customized to a specific condition and treatment site. The device emits unidirectional radiation, allowing radiation and surgical oncologists to deliver a targeted dose of radiation on the active side of the device, while reducing exposure to healthy tissue on the shielded side. After a few months, the device no longer emits radiation and most of the CivaSheet is naturally absorbed by the body. No follow-up procedure is necessary to remove the device. CivaSheet may be used in combination with other treatments, including external beam radiation and chemotherapy.