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Surgery for stomach cancer

surgical oncology

Surgery for stomach cancer

For many patients with stomach cancer, surgery is the primary treatment. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), you’ll find experienced surgeons who perform cancer-related surgical procedures. These highly skilled doctors, called surgical oncologists, perform procedures to remove:

  • The cancerous portion of the stomach
  • The entire stomach (if cancer has spread throughout it)
  • Lymph nodes near the stomach

Additional procedures our skilled surgical oncology teams can perform include those to:

  • Determine the extent of stomach cancer
  • Remove very early stage stomach cancer
  • Ablate small tumors in the liver
  • Remove a portion of the liver if the cancer has spread to it
  • Provide a greater level of comfort. For example, if a tumor blocks a passage into or out of the stomach and cannot be removed, a small tube can be inserted to create an opening from the esophagus to the stomach or the stomach to the small intestine. This enables you to continue to eat by normal means.