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Oncofertility Preservation

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Cancer treatments may interfere with a patient’s ability to have children. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) offers oncofertility preservation services designed to identify and preserve your fertility as early in the treatment process as possible.

If you are eligible for this service, your oncology team will work with fertility specialists at a full-service fertility center located near the hospital. Our Transportation Department can take you to and from your appointments.

Why may you be interested in oncofertility options?

If you still want to have children, it's important to know that certain cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, can interfere with your fertility and prevent or complicate pregnancy. If you decide you want to preserve your fertility, we'll explain potential oncofertility options before you begin treatment. Read tips for addressing fertility concerns during cancer care.

What oncofertility options are available?

The fertility centers we work with offer many options, including egg retrieval and sperm collection, on-site storage of egg, sperm and embryos, as well as in vitro fertilization.

Egg and embryo freezing are done through a process called “vitrification,” which is the most advanced technology to date, improving cell survival. This process is used to reduce potential injury to the harvested cells that may occur during the freezing or thawing process.

The program at CTCA in Tulsa

Your oncology team at CTCA® in Tulsa works with a team of fertility specialists at Tulsa Fertility Center (TFC), a full-service fertility center and donor-storage bank located 20 minutes from the hospital.

What are the costs for oncofertility options?

All oncofertility services will be billed by TFC. Some insurance policies may cover fertility services but others may not, or only cover part of the services. TFC will help you determine reimbursement and also help contact outside sources and organizations that may be able to help pay for these services.

If you are a candidate for an oncofertility option, your oncology team will put you in contact with a specialist at TFC to determine the best care option and accompanying costs.

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