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Many cancer patients undergo diagnostic imaging testing or radiation therapy at some point in the course of their treatment. The medical physics department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Tulsa is responsible for the safe and proper performance of that equipment, applying physics concepts and theories to the delivery of cancer diagnostics and treatment. They strive to maintain and improve the quality and safety of our medical devices and equipment, such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and radiation therapy delivery devices. These technologically advanced diagnostics and therapies are delivered by a highly integrated team that includes medical physicists.  

At our Tulsa-based cancer center, medical physicists may coordinate with radiation oncologists to calculate the radiation dosage, determine the precise type and placement of radiation, administer the radiation, and monitor the number and length of treatments. Working with radiation oncologists at CTCA® in Tulsa, medical physicists are part of a larger care team responsible for designing a treatment plan that delivers an appropriate radiation dose to target the cancer, with the goal of helping to reduce damage to healthy tissues near the tumor. If radiation therapy is an appropriate treatment option for you, your care team will discuss the possible benefits and risks, as well as necessary precautions, to help you to make an educated decision.

The medical physicists at our Oklahoma cancer treatment center share a commitment to delivering high-quality care in a compassionate manner to our patients. Medical physicists help maintain and improve the quality and safety of medical equipment. They are also involved in the selection, acceptance testing, commissioning and quality of medical equipment. Our Oklahoma medical physicists make these decisions with the goal of helping to protect patients and clinicians from unintended exposure or overexposure to radiation.

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