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The study of heredity is called genetics, and it focuses on the passing on of genes from one generation to the next. Genetic testing may help you make informed decisions about how to manage cancer risk. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Tulsa, we offer genetic testing to identify changes in DNA. The results of a genetic test may confirm or rule out if cancer was caused by a genetic condition. The analysis may help determine a person’s chance of developing cancer or a family’s inherited cancer risk.

Michael Kayser, DO, FACMG, is the Medical Director of Genetic Services and a Clinical Geneticist at CTCA® in Tulsa. Dr. Kayser provides genetic services to patients as part of a multidisciplinary approach at our Oklahoma hospital. He has been an investigator at the National Cancer Institute since 2010 and is board certified in clinical genetics and clinical biochemical genetics. Dr. Kayser partners with oncologists and care teams at our Tulsa hospital to find targeted therapies for each patient. For patients with early-onset or strong family histories of cancer, genetic testing provides an opportunity to find out if there is a risk for other cancers or if there are family members who should be tested.

Genetic testing at our cancer center in Tulsa may help determine if your cancer was due to an inherited gene mutation. A sample of blood or skin is usually all that is needed for genetic testing. Before and after your test in Tulsa, you will meet with a genetic counselor to discuss your questions and concerns. Genetic counselors provide support to patients and their families and help them cope with distress caused by genetic testing results.

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